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At MM International Solutions, based on our specific background and on our cross border management experience, we can offer a series of local, dedicated, personalized success oriented management consulting services to the (typically small/medium size) foreign companies.

We do not only offer our clients our support , assistance and leadership throughout all phases of the “start up” and of the establishment of their local commercial/technical and even manufacturing platform but also, at an earlier stage, our expertise in running all necessary activities (market research and evaluation, strategic planning, financing options etc) preliminary to a final investment decision.

All these activities will be run on behalf of the client company directly by MM International Solutions or thru a dedicated locally incorporated fully owned subsidiary of the client.

An exclusive and comprehensive agreement will fix the objective, the scope and the duration ( a mutual test period, if applicable, can be agreed upon) and all other terms and conditions of the engagement of MM International Solutions , including a monthly retainer and a “success fee” to be agreed upon, if applicable, on a case by case basis.

The above mentioned agreement can also be extended to cover the cooperation of MM International Solutions with other consultants/agents/law firms/CPAs etc., chosen by the client company.

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Marco Manzini

Marco Manzini is President and founder of MM International

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MM offers a series of local, dedicated, personalized success oriented management consulting services...

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Local and international

At MM international Solutions we are constantly in touch with local, state and international institutions...

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MM international services is located in Suwanee, Georgia.